Monday, April 11, 2011

Kansas is on fire, and other amusing anecdotes.

Just one of the many things I learned from Kansas today. Another is that the people of Kansas could not think of a creative name for anything in their gloriously flat state, and have stolen names from all over the US, from Lexington to Minneapolis to the Garden of Eden.

Oh, by the way, the Garden of Eden is in Kansas. Just so you know where Biblical life on Earth got started. Adam and Eve came from Kansas.

And I learned that the people of the Czech Republic lay eggs. No joke, the world's largest Czech egg is in Kansas. I hope it doesn't burn with the rest of the state. There are fires roaming all over the eastern side. Probably controlled burns, but one was awfully close to the highway. Much too close for my comfort. I left California to get AWAY from the fires, not to have them trailing after me on I-70.

Aside from that, Kansas is as boring as the farms that dot the landscape, and the cows that chew their cuds along the fences. Actually, the cows were pretty damn adorable. They were the most interesting sight along the highway for a good hundred miles. And so far, Missouri looks to be much of the same. Kansas City was actually rather huge and quite pretty, but only on the Missouri side. Never go to the Kansas side. It looks like a small town. Missouri is where it's at. Unfortunately we're still running late and couldn't stay to check out any of the sights. Tonight we sleep in Concordia, in a little Travelodge in a too-dark side of town. Our motels seem to be declining. Thankfully our next stop is Kalamazoo to see mom and stay one last night before heading to our new apartment.

I'm more than ready to be done with this trip, but that's probably because everything is so flat. I don't like seeing the curvature of the Earth.

Also, there's a town here called Knob Noster. Say what?

PS- Saw the hometowns of Eisenhower, astronaut Hawley and General Custer. Only one of those is worth seeing. Guess which.

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