Thursday, April 28, 2011

In which there weren't actually any dinosaurs...

I have never had such a busy Easter! That was more family seen in one day in Michigan than I see in a week in California. Crysta and I went to Kzoo Saturday night after she got off of work. It would've been horrific to wake up early to make it to church and breakfast on Sunday morning. The night was uneventful, and I was really just happy to see dogs again. It really sucks finding out how much of a dog person I am now that I have two cats. I have a feeling I'll be at mom's house a lot to get my puppy fix. Labs are so much fun!

Anyhoo, the next morning mom, Crys and I were up suuuper early to get to church. That we couldn't find. Apparently Portage/Kalamazoo like sunrise services and late morning services, but 8 am? Nothin'. We and mom's friend Sandy drove all around looking for a church service. I've never gone church-hunting before. It was... strange. I realised how similar Christianity is between the denominations. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I guess I take for granted not only knowing the different traditions, but being part of a specific denomination. Things like Easter are easy- service is a 9:30. Dress a tad nicer than normal. We'll take communion and it'll be great. Driving around made me a little homesick. I really miss my church.

It was my first time at a Methodist church, however, and even though the service was traditional, it was great! I will never be able to think of Jesus again without the theme from 2001 playing in my head. The pastor was a great and really funny guy. I'm sad we had to leave early, but breakfast called! That was pretty fantastic as well. I got to see a lot of Crysta's family that I hadn't seen since October. Thankfully this meeting was on a happier note than the last. It was relatively short, but very nice to be out with family.

After a bit of rest, Crysta, Jay and I ran off to see their cousin and her kids and a lot of other peoples' kids hunt for eggs at a really pretty park. Those kids hit those eggs like wildfire. I blinked and they were done! But they were all so adorable doing it. <3

What came next..? Oh! Dinner! That was awkward. For reasons I can't give out here it was awkward. And hilarious. And everything I'd never had in a family dinner before. I love open people. And I love snarky uncles.

I also got to be Ran last night, a good friend of Crysta's. He's a super fun guy. All that's left is to meet Derek and I think I've got my bingo card filled.

Phew! That was a long Easter, not including the drive home. And this is a long blog, so I think I'll save the Detroit Zoo for tomorrow. What I can tell you, however, is that I GOT CLASSES. I'll be taking a psych class and an English class this quarter. There are only 7.5 weeks to it, so they don't recommend taking more than 6 credits. Not a problem for me since I'm still trying to find a job. But I've got my ID, my classes and parking pass. School starts May 3rd, and I cannot WAIT!

Now, to figure out where my classes are...

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