Monday, April 25, 2011

Goths just wanna have fu-un...

I'll talk about Easter tomorrow, for now this is still fresh and I want to make sure I get it down.

I love Midwestern Goths. Especially when they only have one club to go to within thirty miles. Tonight, Crysta, her boyfriend and I went to Factory at Necto, a little club in downtown Ann Arbor. It's a little hole in the wall (well, by my standards as an LA Goth) with an average-sized dance floor, and a bar upstairs. There's a smoke machine and a little stage with two poles for the braver patrons. It was not the layout that caught my attention, however.

I've been to LA Goth clubs, and it's all about how you look. Making a good impression is key, although I'm not sure why because they're all going to be snooty and pretentious anyway. If you look off, people notice. If you dance differently, people notice. If you try to be nice to them, or say "excuse me," or give them any kind of smile, they notice and they don't like it. Going to Goth clubs in LA isn't actually a lot of fun for me. I'm not skinny, I don't dress like a slut.. and in LA, those are problems.

Tonight, however, I was definitely not the biggest girl there. Nor was I the most conservative. Nor was I even the most under-dressed. When all you've got in a big city is one Goth club, you get all kinds. There were ravers, industrial kids, zombies, regular ole goths like me, lolitas... name it and it was there. And it was great! We all danced on the same floor, to music that cycled through to fulfill everyone's dancing needs.. and my drink was $2. You heard me right. Two #*^% dollars. For a vodka cranberry. I am blown away! I know where I'm drinking for the rest of the year. And it was goooood.

I promise, I only had one. Everything in moderation, yes?

I'm so excited about that place. I finally danced how I wanted to without having to worry about what I looked like. I even accidentally bumped into a girl, and she was totally cool about it! No dirty looks, no nothing! She smiled, even! Until now, I thought the only smiling Goths lived in the South.

And I looked GOOD tonight, let me tell you.

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