Saturday, April 23, 2011

I make a good housewife

I have been in Michigan a week and a half, and it feels more like a lifetime. I have adjusted very well. Michigan, though I have only been here twice before, has always felt like a home. There is only one other place in the world (so far) that has felt like this- New Orleans. This is a very good sign. When a place feels like a home I can focus on more important things... like school and finding a job. I don't have to worry about making friends, or making sure I get out of the apartment enough. This might change once I actually start school, but that's a whole different can of worms.

So far I've just been cleaning, organizing and taking care of the cats. I am an excellent housewife. If only I could just keep doing this and go to school instead of getting a real job. That would be lovely.

School starts in a little over a week, and I am admittedly nervous. I still need to turn in paperwork and meet with my advisor. The paperwork would have been in already had I working printer. Her printer doesn't sync with my laptop, and my printer is completely out of ink and paper. Lovely. Financial Aid does have that paperwork in the office, however, so I'll fill it out there.

I don't get to meet with my advisor until April 28th. School starts May 2nd. This is a problem. I have a feeling my class schedule will be pretty terrible this Quarter. I don't expect any good classes, or even any classes that I actually need. I wish schools would let students plan out their own academic careers and classes. Advisors don't know much of anything about planning classes (they are just teachers themselves, not actual advisors), or take the time to learn students' individuals goals. I would much rather just plan it all myself.

I keep applying to jobs, but no prospects yet. Pray for me, people. I need one fast. I did, however, turn in my application to the volunteer writing center. I'm pretty excited to start doing that. At least I will get out of the apartment more.

Also, I adore Meijer. It is literally the BEST store I have ever been to in my life. I'm also craving DiBella's again. I could it their sandwiches until I die.

...Which they would probably be the reason for.

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