Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh no. I'm a teacher.

I had my first day of volunteer tutoring today at 826michigan. It's the writing center that's disguised as a Robot shop. It serves as a free place for kids to go to get help with their homework. Today I got to work with the smartest, most level-headed girl in the universe. She's trying to get into Northwestern's summer program that focuses on changing communities for the better and creating awareness and programs to help solve social problems. It's something that I would love to do as a college student, but it's even better that it's for high school students. She's writing her entry essay, and I barely had to do anything more than give her the idea opener of "I want to join this program because..." It was amazing. She flew through those reasons and laid them out with more thought and eloquence than I could have ever written with a million years to perfect it.

Crap, I'm going to be a teacher, aren't I? Although, I like volunteering as a tutor a lot more than working as one. There is so much less stress as a volunteer, and my job doesn't have to come home with me. I'm excited to go there every Monday, and I wish I could volunteer more often. I'm still looking for that glorious tutoring job, but for now I think this will suffice.

Now if I could just get that REAL job people keep talking about.

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