Friday, May 20, 2011

While birds sing, and squirrels bark... goes on in Michigan, if a little more humid, a little more stormy, a little more gloomy. Sorry I haven't updated in over a week. I'd like to say that life keeps getting the better of me, and that my adventures are never-ending and  oh-so-fun. Life, however, has gone back to what it was in California- an endless cycle of classes, homework and job-hunting. The more time I have to sit, the more homesick I get. Homework is fairly easy to get done (except the paper I'm ignoring to write this), and I don't have a job to lose myself in (more on that below), so I spend a lot of time calling or texting friends and family back in my home state. I kind of understand now, leaving and not staying in total contact with everyone you left behind. It's heartbreaking to hear about all the things you wish you could be doing. In my case, it makes me think about how little friends (actual, real, solid, always-by-your-side-know-everything-about-you-friends) I have here, and how much I wish, despite my unhappiness in Southern California, I was back home. Maybe it's the gloomy weather, maybe it's my lack of anything to do, but I'm hardcore homesick.

I did get to talk to Chelsea two nights ago via webcam and Skype, and that did lift my spirits a lot. I miss her more than anyone, I think. I wish I could join her in LA, or just hang out in her livingroom surfing through channels and eating good food. I loved seeing her artwork, and getting to see weird Chelsea, whom I miss a LOT. I miss Miles, and his crazy family. I miss going to $2 movies and drinking in the theatre. I miss having two-hour long talks with my brother in the livingroom about nothing particularly important. I miss Pat's hugs and scolding looks. I really, really miss Kurdt.

But, I do have clients slowly trickling in for tutoring sessions. I do have an interview next week about a delivery job that I really, really want. I still have tutoring on Mondays, which I am terribly excited about. I love the environment and helping students be better students. So I do do some things in Michigan. I have a few school friends, and we talk before class, but I'm still lacking those friends that you love at first sight, and feel like you've known for years despite it being days. Maybe those don't happen as often in adulthood as they did in childhood and adolescence. If not, that's really dumb. Open up, people.

Next weekend is the World Steam Expo, and Crysta and I have been finishing up out outfits for it. We're still waiting on our corsets, set to arrive from the UK about a week ago. Without them.. we're kind of screwed. Neither of us has a back up plan good enough to show off at a Steampunk convention. Here's hoping our corsets arrive sometime this coming week. We'll be going to the Expo with our gaming friends and Crysta's beau. It will be great to spend time with them outside of game night. I'm trying to attach myself further in the group, even though it kind of feels like they want to keep me outside longer. I feel like there's some test I haven't passed yet, that would get me full disclosure. I hope it comes up soon so I can get on with it. I promise I'll pass with flying colours.

I've been craving canine attentions for weeks now, and it's driving me mad. I like cats, and Sawyer is pretty damn close to a dog, but I demand the real thing. Dogs are so much easier to care for than indoor cats. I keep secretly praying that I'll find a stray wandering around our apartment complex and get to keep him. But now Crysta knows my plan, and I'll have to come up with a new one. I don't feel as happy of a person without a dog. Cats are nowhere near the same. They're great in some ways, but they're not willing to meet my needs like a dog would. When I come home from school, I don't want to be meowed at for ten minutes because I haven't fed them yet. When I come home I want something to be there that goes "OMG YAY! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" Our cats are more like "Why the hell did it take you so long?" It's kind of like having two mother-in-laws in the house, berating my every move. I just want a little dog, I promise. No one will even know it's here. :(

Other than that, nothing has really gone on in life. I love my Psych classes and despise English (methinks I picked the wrong major five and a half years ago, oh well), and am just waiting until mid-June, when I go on my short little summer break. Not much going on on my end, but I love and miss you all terribly!

Sorry for the depressing blog this week, folks. Next week will be better, I can feel it.

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