Monday, November 14, 2011

I had a huge, long post about my Halloween and what's been going on in life, but it got deleted by Blogger, and I seriously don't feel like rewriting it all.

Went to Cedar Point, Halloweekends, and it was remarkable like Knott's Scary Farm, but better because it had a few different things than I am used to. All in all, it was incredibly fun and I am very glad I went!

Halloween was kind of a disappointment, but it always is, so I'm not sure why I always expect something else. Still hoping to go clubbing sometime before December. We'll see. Dressed as Tonks, though, and I make a damn good one.

Went to both my first pumpkin patch AND first cider mill. Pumpkin patch was AMAZING, and everything I pictured from books and movies and such. The cider mill was slightly disappointing (I really wanted an apple orchard, I guess), but there was free wine tasting and I stuck my head through a giant apple, so win!

Violin Monster invited me out for a drink.. and then it only lasted an hour. I really don't understand boys, and they are insanely frustrating. Waiting until April is really going to suck, but I'll keep trying, damnit.

VM, if you're reading this, skip over that part and continue below. Thanks!

School is kicking my ass, work is never enough, but c'est la vie. I'm used to it by now.

I can really only think about going home at this point. I'm counting down the days until December 16th (32 now!), and seeing my lovely friends and family. Home is eclipsing everything else in life right now. I've even started charting what my three weeks will look like. It's actually a lot harder than it sounds (I'm way more popular than I know how to handle), and getting a bit frustrating. But! I will be home, and everything will be fine. End of story.

I'm totally neglecting homework and two papers right now. I should do them, but I really don't want to. Maybe over Thanksgiving break.

I miss you all, I love you all, I'll see you all in December!


  1. The only reason I have a Wordpress blog is that Blogger ruined enough of my posts to piss me off *that* much. Not only that, but I would have a moment of inspiration only to find out that Blogger was down....a lot. Keep writing, but I recommend writing posts in Notepad on your local hard disk and then pasting into Blogger's crappy UI.

  2. One more thing. You *DO* want an apple orchard, but that will cost you a day trip to western Michigan. There are a lot of orchards just miles off the shore of Lake Michigan. Don't forget the peaches and the cherries. Tree ripened black cherries are my favs!!

  3. One more's too late for all of this. Go in early October next year.

  4. I like Blogger because it pays me. :/ I wish Wordpress had that option, because I would switch in an instant. lol I've definitely started saving my blogs to open office, just to be sure. I'm tired of having to use two different browsers to upload blogs and pictures.

    Lol We went blueberry picking, to a pumpkin patch, and lots of different MI stuff before the season was over. I would've loved to go to an orchard, but eh. If I'm here next October, we'll go.

  5. Sadly, orchards are turning into developments too quickly in Western Michigan. T-T I am disappointed that they don't have orchards and mills on this side of the state. I didn't now you could have a mill without an orchard attached. Kind of weird.

  6. May I ask how much Blogger pays?! What the get paid!?

  7. XD Heck yes I get paid.

    Google has this Adsense thing hooked up to blogger. If you have ads on your blog, and someone views them or clicks them, you get paid. nothing substantial for each click, but it adds up really quickly. You get a check each time you reach $100. I'm not quite there, but I honestly don't put that much effort into it (obviously, my blog is lacking).