Sunday, July 15, 2012

Things I'm learning from Michigan Part 1:

1. Everything is cheaper, and therefore better.

2. You can have an 800sq ft apartment for $800. Less if you don't want to live in Ann Arbor.

3. You don't need amusement parks and malls to entertain you.

4. Starbucks is the worst coffee I've ever had.

5. Everyone in Michigan is a nerd. Everyone. Without exception.

6. Buying local is the best thing for anyone.

7. I will forever mourn the loss of Borders.

8. 2000 miles is a long way from anything.

9. Driving to the UP is apparently not a single-day trip (although we do it anyway).

10. People actually know what living means.

11. 24-hour grocery stores (that are -not- WalMart) need to exist everywhere.

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