Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crysta stole my title!

It really sucks when so much is happening around you that you can't write it down later because it's all jumbled in your head. I'm stuck with Writer's Block even though there's so much to write about.

Mom coming for the day a few Saturdays ago was a blessing. I know it seems weird for a grown adult to want parents around... but I really miss them. Mom (Teri, Crysta's mom, to those of you who think I'm going nuts) is a perfect substitute for my dad and Pat. She's absolutely wonderful, and spending the day with her in downtown A2 made me happier than I've been in a while. I love being out here on my own, but I really enjoy being in the company of a parent. Yeah, that's weird, but true. We ate at my favourite pub (the shepherd's pie is brilliant. Not Chelsea's, but brilliant). We stayed around town due to Crysta's hurt finger and the weather, but it was more than I could've asked for. I was more than sad when she couldn't stay the night, or go to Game Night with us. We ended up not going, but still!

Something I hadn't ever done before was pick blueberries! I must say, other than the mosquitoes being absolutely atrocious, I had a lot of fun! Crysta and I drove out to Dexter to a blueberry farm where you can pick your own (for a really cheap price). We got our buckets and set off into the groves. A lot of them had been picked over, but us being taller than most of the children that usually went picking,  managed to snag quite a bit from the back of the bushes. Crysta made deeelicious blueberry scones. I think I've got one left, but I demand more. They, despite being small berries apparently, are really tasty. I hope I can do that again, if/when I'm here next year. Hopefully the foreign strain of mosquitoes around here will have died off come winter. I loved being outside in the field like that, carrying my bucket and picking berries. It felt homey and important somehow. Work that felt meaningful, even if we were just out there picking for fun. Plus, going to an A&W for floats after donuts from the Dexter Bakery earlier in the day was brilliant.I must write a story taking place in Dexter. It's the perfect small town that's not too small and not too out of town.

For now, that's all I seem to be able to write. It's short, but I'm documenting my time! Next time, more on my job, and the dreaded chicken story. Plus! Rearranging furniture and anything else I can dig up out of my cluttered brain.

Also, the Hunger Games are some of the best books EVER.

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